Call for Participation 2024

Competitions are offered from April 17th – 20th in the following Major leagues:
● RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform League
● RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League
● RoboCupSoccer Small Size League
● RoboCupRescue Robot League
● RoboCupIndustrial Logistics League
● RoboCup@Home Open Platform League
● RoboCupIndustrial @Work League
The registration opens *** February 12th, 2024 ***.
The registration deadline is *** February 29th, 2024 ***.
Visit to register your RoboCup Major League team. Details
on the registration (fee, accommodation, rules) are available on the website.
The Major Leagues Organizing Committee:
● Patrick Göttsch (Standard Platform League)
● Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann (Humanoid League)
● Nicolai Ommer (Small Size League)
● Johannes Pellenz, Stefan May (Rescue Robot League)
● Sven Wachsmuth (@Home Open Platform League)
● Alexander Ferrein (Logistics League)
● Christoph Steup (RoboCup @Work League)
—————————- RoboCup Junior (regional teams) ———————————–
From April 18-21 the final event of the German RoboCupJunior Championship will be
held at RoboCup German Open 2024 in Kassel. The best teams that have qualified in
the eight previous local tournaments will take part. The best German Junior teams will
qualify for RoboCup 2024 in Eindhoven and for the European RoboCupJunior
Competition 2024 in Hannover.
—————————– Important dates ———————————-
● 2024-02-12 Major teams registration starts
● 2024-02-29 Major teams registration deadline
● 2024-03-11 Invoices are sent to team leaders
● 2024-03-17 Registration deadline for team member updates
● 2024-03-31 Registration fee due
● 2024-04-17 Set-up day Major League teams (venue opens 9:00)
● 2024-04-18 Competition day (open to the public)
● 2024-04-19 Competition day (open to the public)
● 2024-04-20 Competition day, Major finals (open to the public)
● 2024-04-21 Competition day, Junior finals (open to the public)
—————————– Contact ———————————-
Please contact for any questions.
See you all at the 21st RoboCup German Open 2024!
Best regards,
German RoboCup Committee
—————————– Acknowledgement ———————————-
The RoboCup German Open 2024 is supported by the German Federal Ministry for
Research and Education (BMBF) under grant number 16ME0933.